Expired listings are thought to be some of the hardest types of homes to sell. For whatever reason your home didn’t sell, whether priced too high, not enough marketing, or an agent that just wasn’t responsive, your home expiring is not the end of your home selling journey and there are easy, practical steps that can be taken to give your home the second chance it deserves. 

Many agents will promise “the best” marketing program while not following through on their commitments and blaming a “bad market” to their lack of results. Don’t let another all talk agent prevent you from moving and continuing on with your life.

While most agents will try to talk you into a standard 6% commission, we offer 4% commission, reduce your list price by 2%, while still providing thousands of dollars worth of additional marketing, so that the likelihood of your home actually selling goes up, while your net profits for you stay the same.

Our marketing includes:

  • Professional Photos
  • Professional Drone Photos and Videos
  • Social Media Ads
  • For Sale Sign
  • Supra Lock Box
  • Open Houses
  • Print Marketing for Neighbors and Open Houses
  • Weekly Updates/Strategy Sessions

Financially what it looks like for a $500,000 home that just expired:

  • Commission reduced over $10,000
  • List price reduced to $490,000
  • $7,500 spent on marketing your home
  • Home sells for $490,000

We only take 1 previously expired listing a week with the reduced commission and aggressive marketing strategy.

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