Social media marketing made its debut in 2005 when Facebook (with barely over 1 million users) launched their first paid ad.

Over the next 13 years, Facebook has grown to over 2 billion active users with over 214 million in the USA and the average user spending 20 minutes a day scrolling through their feed.

Now before you think it is just a “millennial” thing, only 29.7% of users are in the 25-34 demographic with over 50% of American Facebook users over the age of 35.

There has never been a more effective way to market or sell anything, much less something as important as your home.

But if all these social media facts are true, then why are most realtors marketing homes using newspaper and magazine ads, direct mail, or just Zillow and Trulia???

There are ways to target specific demographics of people and market your home in a way that will make it sell for at least $20,000 more than any other home like yours.

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